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Ghosts: True Encounters from the World Beyond

Ghosts True Encounters from the World Beyond

strong The greatest ghostbusting manual ever written br Dan Aykroyd strong br br Hans Holzer was the world s leading authority and author in the field of ghosts and paranormal beings This definitive volume with a new introduction by Holzer s daughter is the largest collection of his work ever published In em Ghosts em Dr Holzer tells us how to find a ghost how to communicate with a ghost how to get rid of a ghost and then he tells us about more than stories of true encounters with ghosts Featuring rare photographs of ghostly apparitions and visitations Holzer presents fascinating case histories tips on interpreting sounds and other signals from the beyond and more Not only does Dr Holzer introduces us to visitors from the next dimension he explains why they seek contact with our world em Ghosts em is a must read for all would be ghost hunters and fans of the otherworldly br br br

True Ghost Stories

True Ghost Stories

Dr Hans Holzer the foremost authority on the subject of the paranormal and author of over books has written a bone chilling collection of case histories of real hauntings in America Actual experiences of seemingly inexplicable phenomena investigated by Dr Holzer himself introduce you to strange happenings and ghostly stay behinds in all areas of the United States Case after case of amazing events may well change any skeptic s outlook on the hereafter

The Ghost Hunter: Chilling Tales of Real Life Hauntings

The Ghost Hunter Chilling Tales of Real Life Hauntings

In i The Ghost Hunter i famed ghost hunter Dr Hans Holzer recounts more than real life ghost stories including several of his most intriguing cases This ever inquisitive researcher probes the history of each of these restless spirits and sometimes even coaxes them out of seclusion br br His pursuit of things that go bump in the night takes Holzer to strange haunts These are just a few of the spirits that you will encounter in i The Ghost Hunter i br br A Revolutionary War soldier who continues to inhabit a house in the hills of New Jersey A Central Park West social climbing spirit staging a postmortem sit in because she felt that her neighbors had snubbed her The Bayberry Perfume ghost whose distinctive scent continues to permeate the Philadelphia house that she haunts A lunatic uncle whose demise hasn t stopped him from making unwelcome visits The tragic Fifth Avenue Ghost who killed by a romantic rival remains pinned in a love triangle of An old manor ghost who drives an entire carriage team of phantom horses br Known throughout the world as The Ghost Hunter Austrian born b Hans Holzer Ph D b is the author of more than books He is regarded as a leading authority on the paranormal psychic phenomena and unexplained experiences Dr Holzer has written produced and hosted numerous television documentaries including NBC s i In Search Of i series

Witches: True Encounters with Wicca, Covens, and Magick

Witches True Encounters with Wicca Covens and Magick

Professor Hans Holzer the bestselling author of i Ghosts i explores the myriad forms and factions of witchcraft taking you inside the covens and cults where the ancient rituals are practiced This compilation of Holzer s decades of first hand research which occurred mainly in the s and s provides a unique insider s overview of the topic br Experience the secrets of the craft learn spells and incantations and read interviews and personal testimony from the foremost practitioners Holzer not only provides the reader with the history of witchcraft he documents the lives and practices of actual witches pursuing the world s oldest religion Hundreds of photographs from the author s own collection illuminate the subject and bring the rituals and rites of the Craft to life

Ghosts of New England

Ghosts of New England

From Hans Holzer an internationally known expert in the field of the paranormal here is a chilling collection of i true i ghost stories Two books in one this volume combines Holzer s i Yankee Ghosts i and i Ghosts of New England i each describing spine tingling encounters with spirits in some of New England s most eerie haunts

The Lively Ghosts of Ireland

The Lively Ghosts of Ireland

A ghost hunter describes his journey through Ireland exploring supernatural occurences including the ghosts of an eighteenth century swordsman defending a castle a six year old haunting a hotel and a woman tormenting her jealous sister

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b Paranormal expert Hans Holzer investigates some of the strangest and most difficult cases of loved ones who are simply not ready to leave their earthly lives b br br The stay behind a term coined by professor Hans Holzer is a ghost who is not prepared to move to the other side but prefers to remain among loved ones and its former home In i Stay Behinds i Holzer reveals some of the most famous cases of these beings including the haunting of Rose Hall Plantation in Jamaica and the strange case of Mrs C s late yet lively husband Stay-Behinds books by Hans Holzer

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