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Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic pdf books
Title:Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:256

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The Salmon of Doubt

The Salmon of Doubt

Douglas Adams changed the face of science fiction to a uniquely and irresistible funny one with his cosmically comic novel The Hitchhiker s Guide to the x and its classic sequels Sadly for his countless admirers he hitched his own ride to the great beyond much too soon But for anyone who ever laughed out loud at the absurdist adventures of Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect chuckled knowingly at the daffy definitions in The Meaning of Liff or experienced the wonders of encountering endangered species in Last Chance to See here s a wonderful opportunity to revel in the droll wit off the wall humor and keenly inquiring mind of Douglas Adams just one more time br br Culled posthumously from Adams s fleet of beloved Macintosh computers this selection of essays articles anecdotes and stories offers a fascinating and intimate portrait of the multifaceted artist as a devout Beatles and Bach fan radical atheist enthusiastic technophobe crusading conservationist and of course delightful wordsmith br br Join him on an excursion to climb Kilimanjaro dressed in a rhino costume peek into the private life of Genghis Khan warrior conqueror and world class neurotic root for the harried author s efforts to get a Hitchhiker movie off the ground in Hollywood thrill to and laugh at the further exploits of private eye Dirk Gently and two headed alien Zaphod Beeblebrox In the immortal words of The Hitchhiker s Guide Don t panic though our friend Douglas Adams is hone he s left us something very special to remember him by Without a doubt

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  • The Road to Mars: A Post-Modem Novel
  • Wish You Were Here: The Official Biography of Douglas Adams
  • Red Dwarf Omnibus: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers & Better Than Life (Red Dwarf #1-2)
  • Whom God Would Destroy
  • First Contact-Or, It's Later Than You Think
  • Rex Libris, Volume I: I, Librarian (Rex Libris, #1-5)
  • Class Dis-Mythed (Myth Adventures, #16)

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book

Lady Cottington s Pressed Fairy Book

This is a reproduction of the diary of Lady Angelica Cottingham which features pressed garden fairies Or rather the psychic images of the fairies who quickly turned it into a game where they leapt between the closing pages in an effort to outdo each other to produce the most outrageous poses

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives

Terry Jones Medieval Lives

Famous for lampooning the medieval world in i Monty Python and the Holy Grail i Terry Jones has a real passion for and detailed knowledge of the Middle Ages In i Terry Jones Medieval Lives i his mission is to rescue the Middle Ages from moth eaten cliches and well worn platitudes Behind the stereotypes of damsels in distress and knights in shining armor there are wonderfully human stories that bring the period to life Terry will start with the medieval archetypes the Knight Peasant Damsel Monk Outlaw King Merchant and Physician and in the course of unravelling their role and function will introduce a host of colorful real life characters recreating their world by visiting key locations

Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells: Based on Quentin Cottington's Journal of Faery Research

Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells Based on Quentin Cottington s Journal of Faery Research

Once again in desperate need of cash ex Monty Python member Jones and renowned faery authority and illustrator Froud team up to present the hilarious sequel to the brilliantly successful Lady Cottington s Pressed Fairy Book Lady Cottington s previously unknown twin brother Quentin employs his psychic image nebulizing generator and psychic odour nasalizing gasificator to analyze the protoplasmic nature of the mysterious stains left by pressed fairies

Terry Jones' Barbarians

Terry Jones Barbarians

i Terry Jones Barbarians i takes a completely fresh approach to Roman history This is the story of the Roman Empire as seen by the Britons Gauls Germans Hellenes Persians and Africans In place of the propaganda pushed on us by the Romans we ll see these people as they really were The Vandals didn t vandalize the Romans did The Goths didn t sack Rome the Romans did Traversing the landscape of the Roman Empire Terry Jones brings wit irreverence and the very latest scholarship to transform a history that seemed well past its sell date

Who Murdered Chaucer?: A Medieval Mystery

Who Murdered Chaucer A Medieval Mystery

In this spectacular work of historical speculation Terry Jones investigates the mystery surrounding the death of Geoffrey Chaucer over years ago A diplomat and brother in law to John of Gaunt one of the most powerful men in the kingdom Chaucer was celebrated as his country s finest living poet rhetorician and scholar the preeminent intellectual of his time And yet nothing is known of his death In his name simply disappears from the record We don t know how he died where or when there is no official confirmation of his death and no chronicle mentions it no notice of his funeral or burial He left no will and there s nothing to tell us what happened to his estate He didn t even leave any manuscripts How could this be What if he was murdered br br Terry Jones hypothesis is the introduction to a reading of Chaucer s writings as evidence that might be held against him interwoven with a portrait of one of the most turbulent periods in English history its politics and its personalities br

The Saga of Erik the Viking

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This is one tale of a Viking warrior who lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago His name is Erik And Erik is no ordinary Viking With his trusty band of men he sets sail in search of the land where the sun goes at night In fact he finds much more The Sea Dragon the Old Man of the Sea Dogfighters and giants combine to make his voyage a great saga of thrilling adventures



Nicobobinus and his friend Rosie go in search of the Land of Dragons and find more adventure than they d bargained for



Crusades presents an in depth and strikingly illustrated look at the overly zealous European quest to reconquer the Holy Land and the conflict that developed between Christians and Muslims that continues to this day

The Knight and the Squire

The Knight and the Squire

Tom runs away from the boring life he leads in th century England and teams up with the terrifying Wol fman They journey to France to fight for king and country i n this humorous and sometimes highly dramatic tale

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Arguably the greatest collaboration in the whole history of comedy br br Bestselling author Douglas Adams wrote the storyline based on his CD ROM game of the same name as this novel not as him obviously br br Terry Jones of Monty Python wrote the book In the nude Parents be warned Most of the words in this book were written by a naked man br br So You want to argue with that All right we give in br br Starship Titanic is the greatest most fabulous most technologically advanced interstellar cruise line ever built It is like a cross between the Queen Mary the Chrysler Building Tutankhamen s tomb and Venice Furthermore it cannot possibly go wrong br br Sadly however seconds after its launch it undergoes SMEF or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure And disappears br br Except everything s got to be somewhere br br Coming home that night on a little known planet called Earth Dan and Lucy Gibson find something very large and very very shiny sticking into their house Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic books by Terry Jones

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