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Parasyte, Volume 11 pdf books
Title:Parasyte, Volume 11
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:182

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Parasyte Volume

ALIEN NATION br Aliens parasites have invaded Earth and taken over the minds of ordinary people Shin has been infected with a parasite but he still can think and act for himself Now he s been approached by two mysterious victims of the invasion Tamiya a beautiful schoolteacher and Shimada another student What do the aliens want with humanity and with Shin

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Our planet has been invaded by Parasytes alien creatures that take over a host s body and turns the victim into a killing machine So far these Parasytes have the upper hand WIth their ability to morph their appearance and blend in combined with super human strength and regenerative powers these aliens are nearly unstoppable The military goes on the offensive engaging the Parasytes in a frantic and bloody battle at City Hall which is rumored to be a Parasyte stronghold But not all Parasytes viciously fight humans Teenager Shin shares a unique bond with his Parasyte host the benevolent Lefty As the body count at City Hall rises Shin heads toward an epic showdown with the powerful Parasyte Goto and the fate of Lefty hangs in the balance Parasyte, Volume 11 books by Hitoshi Iwaaki

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